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Welcome to AIDS PEI Online.

Welcome to the home of AIDS PEI Community Support Group Inc. We are an HIV/AIDS service organization which provides support to people living with HIV/AIDS and engages in prevention through harm reduction and public awareness.


AIDS PEI provides condoms and lubricants, oral dams and female condoms to those who need them. We also distribute information to at-risk or vulnerable populations and work in the community to provide workshops and presentations on HIV/AIDS, personal story telling and artwork.


If you've been newly diagnosed, are a long-term survivor; have a project or term paper on HIV/AIDS issues or are just curious, need condoms or someone to talk to, we are here to help.Our staff have training in peer counseling, education, suicide intervention and sexual health issues.


We work in the community with other non-governmental organizations to reach out to vulnerable populations and tailor our educational curriculum to those specific groups.  We also work nationally with our member associations to provide curriculum and resources locally.